The School of Physics Roberto A. Salmeron (EFRAS) offers complementary formation for the graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Its program comprises mini-courses, invited talks and presentation of posters by the participants, having as the aim the divulgation of recent trends in Physics and allowing for additional interaction among students and between students and professors. The School is organized by the International Centre for Condensed Matter Physics (ICCMP) and Institute of Physics of University of Brasilia.

    EFRAS was named to honor one of the founder professors of the Institute of Physics of University of Brasilia (IF-UnB). Prof. Salmeron is a prominent physicist in his area of research. He worked, aside from UnB, at CRNS (France), where he retired.

    The school has taken place annually since 2012 and contemplates a major theme each year. Previous editions considered the topics:

    In the upcoming fifth edition the theme will be "Advances in the light-matter interaction: Temperature, dissipation and entanglement". This year, for the first time, EFRAS will contain two of the three mini-courses delivered by foreign Professors, with the goal of internationalizing the School. Together with other nine invited talks the School will promote the discussion of recent advances in areas as: Quantum Optics, Quantum Information, Statistical Physics, Field Theory and related areas.

Period of the School: 30/08/2016 - 02/09/2016
Venue: CIFMC - IF/UnB

Contact: vefras@gmail.com