There is a possibility of accommodation in the transit apartments of the University of Brasilia for the participants from abroad and from other states of Brazil (limited vacancies). Candidates who submit the application before 01/08/2016 will have priority in obtaining the lodging support. More information about lodging in hotels and hostels will be posted soon. In case of doubts please contact the organizers via e-mail: vefras@gmail.com.

Meals at the Campus Darcy Ribeiro

Attention: meal expenses are the responsibility of the participant and will not be covered by the organizers.

The Campus Darcy Ribeiro, where the International Centre for Condensed Matter Physics (CIFMC/IF-UnB) is located, has several options for lunch. The closest places to CIFMC are:

(i) University's Restaurant (UR): UR is located beside Banco do Brasil. For external visitors the price is R$ 15.00 for lunch/dinner, and R$ 9.00 for the breakfast. If you confirm in advance your interest in having meals at UR, the organizers can request the discount so that the price will be R$ 2.50 per meal. For such discount the participant must indicate in the Application form how many meal tickets he/she intends to buy. To obtain this discount, the participant should pay the registration fee and the amount corresponding to the meal tickets till August 15th*. Site of UR: http://www.ru.unb.br/
* Foreign participant (who do not have a Brazilian bank account) may contact the organizers to query about the possibility of paying the fee and the meal tickets in cash upon arrival.

(ii) Restaurante Burguesão (UR): UR also offers a self-service restaurant for the price R$ 28.75 per kg, and is located on the 3rd floor of UR.

(iii) Restaurante Natural Coisas da Terra: located in "ICC Norte - subsolo" (Minhocão). Offers sandwiches and lunch from R$ 10.50 (half portion) to R$ 16.50 (full portion).

(iv) Restaurante Chico Mendes: located in "praça Chico Mendes" - Multiuso I. Offers self-service restaurant for the price R$ 25,00 per kg.

(v) FINATEC: FINATEC offers a self-service restaurant for the price R$ 40.00 per kg.

Other meal options at the Campus (in Portuguese)