Minicursos (3 horas cada)

"Open Quantum Walks: Theory and Applications"
Francesco Petruccione (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

"Quantum technologies with superconducting circuits"
Enrique Solano (University of the Basque Country, Spain)

"Thermofield dynamics and thermalized states of the electromagnetic field"
Jorge Mario C. Malbouisson – UFBA

Palestras convidadas (1 hora cada)

Salomon S. Mizrahi – UFSCar
"Amusement with digraphs: Königsberg bridges promenade with persons and waves"
Marco Antonio Amato – UnB
"Long-Range Interacting Systems"
Carlos Farina de Souza – UFRJ
"Atom-surface interaction and Purcell effect in non-trivial situations"
Qu Fanyao – UnB
"Light-matter interaction in quantum dots based on the novel two-dimensional materials (Graphen as well as transition metal dichalcogenides)"
Marcelo de França Santos – UFRJ
"Testing non-markovian evolutions in collisional models"
Roberto Menezes Serra – UFABC
"Irreversibility and Maxwell's Demons in quantum systems "
Ardiley Torres Avelar – UFG
"Spin Reduced Density Matrix for Relativistic Particles"
Ademir E. Santana – UnB
"Symplectic quantum mechanics"
Lucas Chibebe Céleri – UFG
"Geometric time-energy uncertainty relations"